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Add seagull swarms to waste dumps

Coastal landfills typically have massive swarms of seagulls. I propose that any exposed waste landfill in CoI have swarms of seagulls. Once covered, the gulls would ...
Suggested by: Cazineer (08 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 1
Under consideration

The ability to upgrade pipes/conveyors in planning mode.

So I've had it a few times where I'm laying out my design, and realize I need a larger pipe or faster conveyor belt for what I'm doing (or decided to expand mid-way), ...
Suggested by: nuku_01 (21 Apr) Upvoted: 17 Jul Comments: 0
Under consideration

Factory Alerts

We can already set alerts on storages. I would like to set alerts on production buildings to notify if "Missing Input" or "Full Output". eg "Maintenance Depot is ...
Suggested by: Tristan (29 Sep, '22) Upvoted: 25 Jul Comments: 0
Under consideration

Solar stills as an intermediate water option

The Problem: There is a steep gradient between rainwater harvesters (no ongoing resource investment, high land usage) and thermal desalinators (relatively compact, ...
Suggested by: SillySMS (29 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 14 Jun Comments: 0
Under consideration

Automated vehicle replacement

Allow automatically replacing e.g. small trucks with large trucks, instead of having to hunt them down one by one.
Suggested by: Ryan (18 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 11 Aug Comments: 0
Under consideration

Canals, Drydocks and Locks Oh My!

Add the ability to dynamically construct accessible inland waterways for use as dry docks, locks and even a canal system for ships. This would require two main ...
Suggested by: deimosian (04 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 25 Aug Comments: 0
Under consideration

Toggle to hide inactive recipes

It's be nice to have a toggle on most machines to hide recipes that are inactive, just reduce the clutter and see what things that particular machine is currently ...
Suggested by: Mimp (06 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 30 Sep, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration

mining locations on map

ability to ship resources like iron and copper from offshore locations (similar to uranium)
Suggested by: theaxer (11 May, '22) Upvoted: 24 Jun Comments: 0
Under consideration

Upgraded coal boiler

coal boiler that accepts pulverized coal and possibly oxygen gas and produces extra steam or the same more efficiently. maybe x1.5 more steam?
Suggested by: Robinhood (04 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 21 Aug Comments: 0
Under consideration

Priority on the ship yard

Priority on the shipyard for loading materials like iron / steel and T2 construction parts to load onto the ship
Suggested by: kyle flewellen (12 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 0
Under consideration

Smaller Mining/Dumping Grid

Currently the designation tool size is double the width of a retaining wall, which makes working with them quite annoying. If the designation tool grid size was the ...
Suggested by: Keno (24 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 10 Sep Comments: 7
Under consideration

Manual hauling

So… it’s the apocalypse, shouldn’t we be able to force our workers to use wheelbarrows? (But they should be extremely slow) I feel that the balance of the game is ...
Suggested by: Wheelie (27 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 19 Jul, '22 Comments: 4
Not likely


Similar to the road idea I suppose, but I'd just like to be able to have a nice concrete slab area to build upon. The mix of dirt/rock/grass/trash/etc offends my ...
Suggested by: Paul (01 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 12 Aug Comments: 3
Under consideration

Export Business - Ship Yard, Container Ships, Packaging Facilities, & Steam Achievements

I had an idea for adding an Export Business as part of the gameplay. Components: Ship Yard - Large space & material requirements to build. Allows you to build ...
Suggested by: Glidercat (27 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 27 Aug Comments: 3
Under consideration

More Paper uses

Production of printed literature, newspapers and journals, supply of settlements to obtain Unity. An alternative recipe for Snacks with Paper instead of Plastic as ...
Suggested by: Sanchozz (11 Jun) Upvoted: 07 Aug Comments: 2
Under consideration

Farms to Greenhouses (Ground status of Dirt is Null for Greenhouses)

The ground that the farm is placed upon doesn't matter when you upgrade to greenhouses. If you think about it, most greenhouses are built upon concrete. While ...
Suggested by: ryu27 (08 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 27 Mar Comments: 2
Under consideration

give players reasons to not make whole island +02

it can be productions, requiring higher elevation - wind turbines, different crops, elevation as means of pirate defence, maintenance statue can give more bonuses if ...
Suggested by: mimoanon (04 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 1
Under consideration

Add Waste as burnale recipe for Coal Boiler and Coal Klin

Please add waste as burnale alternative for Coal Boiler and Coal Klin. So the waste become more usable instead of dumping or burning on burners.
Suggested by: Aldo (29 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 06 Mar Comments: 1
Under consideration

Quick priority tool

Much like the pause or demolish tools that allow successive selection of buildings, add a similar button for setting/unsetting priority. Could also use a click and ...
Suggested by: Aahzmandius Karrde (29 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 24 Jan Comments: 1
Under consideration

A second stage boiler

A second stage boiler may add oxygen into boiler have a higher thermal efficiency to produce more high pressure steam or a super pressure steam.
Suggested by: Hongxu He (19 Jul) Upvoted: 03 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

Islands and Bridges

Add new maps with seperate Islands you need to get to to secure different resources and add bridges as a constructable item. You could then have wooden to start with ...
Suggested by: Dave B (13 Sep, '22) Upvoted: 12 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

Pollution effects & Green technologies

To make the game more challenging I suggest to implement a full pollution feature: In general creating pollution for long period of times may cause major ...
Suggested by: Alessio (29 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 0
Under consideration

Life spans and education for settlers

It's a bit unrealistic that settlers are ready to work when born and never die. I think adding a life cycle would be a fun challenge -- children are born (and take up ...
Suggested by: Jason Walthall (01 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 12 Aug Comments: 8
Under consideration

Transport belts and pipes vertical slope angle.

When running a pipe or belt, (up or down) on a slope, the side profile should be straight. The ugly stair stepping thing just does not work well, and takes too long ...
Suggested by: Jamie (07 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 2
Under consideration

Pumped Storage Hydropower

Ability to build (terraform) Energy accumulators using Water Pumps and artificial ponds and Dam Just like IRL ...
Suggested by: JuriSimonov (28 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 24 Jun Comments: 2
Under consideration

Vehicle management tab

A tab with a list of all your vehicles, where u can see their assignments (mine control tower, storage and so on), current task it performs, and also do some actions ...
Suggested by: Yandersen (28 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 21 Jul Comments: 2
Under consideration

Shipyard: belt and pipe inputs and outputs for storage

have one have pipe, belt and fluid inputs and outputs connected to shipyard storage Why one? so it requires filters to use efficiently to make it require some setup.
Suggested by: Charlotte 'Lottie' Vixen (10 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 25 Jul Comments: 2
Under consideration

Window lock button

Lets say you are a busy micromanager and would like to keep an eye on a warehouse which you are emptying to be reassigned or something. I would like to open that ...
Suggested by: Mike Rayne (05 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 29 Jun Comments: 2
Under consideration

Additional Layer displaying each buildings active recipes

Let's say I have 5 storage buildings next to each other, it would be nice to see what they store without clicking on them. Same goes for 5 assemblers, it would be ...
Suggested by: Eric (03 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 30 May Comments: 2
Under consideration

More control over dumping

Dumping can be done outside the mine control areas, but it's not very clear what can/will be dumped in these locations. A UI/Control improvement should be ...
Suggested by: AR (02 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 2
Under consideration

Idle belts should not use power

Perfect that belts stop moving when there's nothing on them, or they're backed up but it feels odd that they still use the same amount of power when they're not moving.
Suggested by: Chris Simcock (SimmySpike) (18 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 13 Jun Comments: 2
Under consideration

Add sodium-sulfur batteries with carbon electrodes

While modern grid scale storage relies on lithium ion or even lead-acid, sodium-sulfur batteries are very practical prototyped technology using materials we already ...
Suggested by: Pttg (26 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Aug Comments: 1
Under consideration

Clothing for the population

Interesting extra tech tree: Add cotton to farming Add synthetic fibers to chemical plant Maybe even cow/pigs for leather (and food) Various industrial buildings ...
Suggested by: Khazul (13 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 1
Under consideration

Add vehicle Honk when built

When I am building vehicles, I don't know when they are done, so I have to keep checking. The trucks when built take off and go find something to do, but the ...
Suggested by: LinkinBreak (14 Sep, '22) Upvoted: 03 Jul Comments: 1
Under consideration

Add Control: Different dumping material at different heights

Add an advanced control to the mining tower to allow or restrict different dumping materials at different heights. I like to dump dirt on the top layer of old mines ...
Suggested by: Fabian (27 Jun, '22) Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 1
Under consideration

balancer/sorter Item ratios

One of the biggest problems I'm having with conveyor automation is how assemblers (depending on the recipe) will have uneven amounts of materials needed. For example, ...
Suggested by: Volske (08 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 19 Jul Comments: 1
Under consideration

Allow Unload of Processing Structures

There may be occasions, for production reasons, that it would be nice to unload material from a processing structure. An early example would be if you are using two ...
Suggested by: LodeRunner (30 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 22 Jun, '22 Comments: 1
Under consideration

Food Processing

the ability to process farmed foods into more advanced food, making them more nutritious and satisfying food needs more
Suggested by: Sensei Annmarie (28 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 1
Under consideration

Game on other planets

it was cool to create after the flight of the rocket the colonization of other planets and the development of production there with other materials and buildings, as ...
Suggested by: Oleg Khlybov (20 Aug) Upvoted: 21 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

Bridges ditches retaining walls

Beeing able to make ditches where you can put pipes and conveyor belts "underground" but instead of filling the ditch with gravel, you could put a ramp above/ontop of ...
Suggested by: Bambozle (26 Apr) Upvoted: 12 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

Use empty offshore mines for disposing of nuclear waste

Once we deplete an offshore mine it can be used to dump nuclear waste, or we can discover a mine that is already empty and use that as a dumping ground to allow for ...
Suggested by: JA732A (20 Oct, '22) Upvoted: 16 Mar Comments: 0
Under consideration

Custom contracts

Ability to create contracts as an alternative to picking one of the offered ones from the list. How it work. Inside of the contracts page add a new button "Create ...
Suggested by: Yandersen (15 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 0
Under consideration

New crops/animals

1: I would love to see Coffee beans being added as a growable. This can then be sent to a roaster to roast the beans. Adding a housing building similar to chairs or ...
Suggested by: Focuz0ndis (28 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 12 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

Algae as a late game fuel crop.

Corn is horribly inefficient compared to algae as a biofuel. So algae would make a good tier 2 biofuel source.
Suggested by: link12313 (09 Jul, '22) Upvoted: 29 Nov, '22 Comments: 0
Under consideration

add zinc mines and industry

Having zinc as a raw material allows increasing the choice of products and their respective combinations zinc + steel = galvanized steel automotive industry ...
Suggested by: Gian Piero (10 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 19 Jul Comments: 0
Under consideration

Hints / warning about Oil (starter oil patch)

It caught me off guard to rush and get the oil rig ready, oil cracking didn’t seem as important as it really is. Ended up falling behind with oil/fuel causing a ...
Suggested by: Amonks (28 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 3
Under consideration

icons or lables or signs on buildings

Help on keeping track of what and where an idem is being built or stored
Suggested by: Tom (30 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 28 Jun Comments: 2
Under consideration

Multi Islands Coal/Oilrig/so on

I know there is gonna be alot of optimizations but what do you guys think about multi islands you can manage even. Instead of a coal mine , you just get a tiny island ...
Suggested by: Battlebird (06 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 25 Jun Comments: 2
Under consideration

bridges and tunnels

My idea is : instead of digging trenchs in mountains to build road through a mountain and stacking dirt and rock in the sea to build a bridge to join a smaller island ...
Suggested by: Charlinstrit (18 May) Upvoted: 20 Sep Comments: 1
Under consideration

Reassign cargo ship to a different dock

It would be nice to have the option to reassign a cargo ship to a different dock. I built out a dock and bought a ship, but plans change and i now need that ship for ...
Suggested by: tippyc (08 Feb) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 1
Under consideration