Offshore upgrades: wind turbines + tidal turbines

My idea is for mid to lategame support on the energy front. Adding one spot each on the map for strong tidal currents and strong wind currents. First wind power generation is unlocked and later tidal power generation, both with upgrades.
On those spots wind turbines and tidel generators can be build respectivly. The energy is than transferd via sea cable to a fright port with transformer modules. A ship is needed to maintain the offshore facilities.
Locations and modules can be upgraded to gain more energy. Both spots summed up should cap out at around 12 MW on their highest level. This way they do not make other means of energy production useless to support an array of arc furnaces.
The initial costs should be high with high maintanence but it is essentialy "free energy" without unity costs or specially created fuels. The upgrades should be locked behind higher energy production and maintenance research. More info are on the Captain of Industry Discord server.

Under consideration Suggested by: Henni Upvoted: 05 Feb Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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