[suggestion]Liquid concrete that hardens after being dumped somewhere

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i see others are suggesting adding concrete slabs or similiar to place buildings on but i think it would be better if you could make concrete and dump it somewhere then let it harden

that way players could build the concrete slabs but also other things like using retaining walls to form platforms or ramps with pipes built into them, or obviously like others suggested; making concrete slabs to place buildings on

obviously since concrete hardens over time a cement truck / mixer truck would be needed too

concrete is partially cement which already exists in the game, the rest is water and aggregate (sand usually), these can be mixed in different concentrations but for simplicity, it would just be one type of it.

i think this idea is complete but this could be added too, im not sure about it though,
pre-cast slabs of concrete allowing the construction of custom ramps by placing them in different ways and making several shapes of them

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Comments: 0