Option to enable automatic island overview screenshots at a user defined interval

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One of the things that I did on my playthroughs was take periodic overview screenshots of the island (ie zoom out for an overview). Then I could thumb through them in a slideshow later to show the progress over the course of the game (mining of deposits, construction of buildings, building of piers, etc.). Of course as I was doing this manually, the screenshots weren't all taken from the exact same place, and the timestep wasn't constant (ie it happened whenever I did something big/thought it had been a while since I'd last taken a photo). However, even with those limitations, it's still cool to see how the island transforms and to watch all the deposits get mined down quickly.

I just envision a simple option, something like enable overview screenshots in the options with a setting to determine how often they're taken (ie ever 5/10/25 years, etc). During gameplay, the game would automatically take and save a screenshot at every defined interval to be viewed by the user later.

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Comments: 0