Deconstruction refund variable with difficulty

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Deconstruction of buildings currently yields a flat 75% refund. While I appreciate that this is provides challenge and incentive to plan ahead for players on the second or subsequent playthroughs, it's unnecessarily punishing to new players on their first go at the game. Especially so very early game when Construction Parts are limited to the starting amount plus what you can craft out of materials recovered from the abandoned tower. Given the option, I'd probably turn this to 95% or full refund in my playthroughs as I really love to iterate on my designs and feel disincentivized from doing so.

Alternatively, if there was a mechanic that allowed for the relocation of a building (a "move" function, so to speak) where the old one is first deconstructed fully, that seems like a worthwhile tradeoff.

Under consideration Suggested by: Thadius Wynter Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 8

Comments: 8