Research Branch - Rework

The Research Branch is very good because it is very extensive. But it doesn't make much sense that it's so easy to research new items. You just have to wait for the time and you already have it.

It would be nice if, in order to investigate X building or object, it asks for a certain amount of materials. According to the unlocks you currently have, starting the first with metal plates through construction materials ll etc.

This gives you a series of goals to set for yourself in the short and long term. And also know how to prioritize what research you will need before otherwise you will have to exchange products due to lack of these.

And it would also be nice to see how those materials necessary to carry out the investigation are delivered to the Research building, to give it a more realistic touch.

Under consideration Suggested by: PeaSmith Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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