Batteries for energy storage

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Flywheels are fine at first, but in the late game they feel a bit too small and also cannot store energy from solar panels. I was thinking of Acid-lead batteries but we don’t have lead in game… and then I realized that we already are using another type of batteries in real life: the sodium–sulfur battery. This one could be implemented in-game with the actual products we have, and example of the process I thought could be like:

1. Battery cells

Input: Salt + Sulphur + Steel

Output: Chlorine gas + Battery cell

2. Battery module

Input: Battery cell + Rubber + Steel

Output: Battery module

3. Battery container

Input: Battery module + Plastic + Electronics II (or maybe III)

Output: Battery container

For the Battery container, well… or just pop the batteries on the map or make something similar to the Servers and create a special facility where you can stock them and increase the capacity.

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Comments: 5