Taking electricity to make electricity as extra difficulty setting

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This suggestion has two parts for this added difficulty settings regarding large scale electricity generation.

The effect of both of these suggestions below is that it increases the difficulty of starting up a power plant from a "cold start" or blackout situation, making having diesel generator backups a necessity.

1) Have all current nuclear reactors consume a nominal amount of energy to simulate the use of machinery and electrical components. This can be used to offset the generation capacity of nuclear plants, as well as make starting them in a blackout require extra infrastructure.

2) Large scale generators used in Power Plants in real life use electromagnets in their stators, which means that they need electricity in order to function. A nominal electricity requirement could be added as a requirement, but also to their generation, to simulate this. This would mean that in order to begin functioning, generators would need a small electrical supply only to begin with.

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Comments: 0