Truck fuel station selection based on the distance traveled and not distance to the station.

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The truck selection of the fuel stations is currently based on the distance to the station. However, that can cause lots of waster fuel and time when the closes fuel station is located for example: at the bottom of a high hill or top of a deep mine. This happens often when making deep mines with retaining walls.

If the Fuel station is located near outside the edge of the mine, truck will often travel very far distance to fuel to the station located on the outside, instead of the one e.g. located a bit further in straight line than the station located near the ramp leading to the mine.

Issue is especially problematic when making large dumping hills or filling big mines when there is not possibility to assign fuel station to truck assigned to a Lose Storage used as export point for the mine.

Issue can be partially mitigated for the trucks assigned to the mine building with use of the fuel station export routes assigned to the specific mine building.

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Comments: 0