Liquids and gases needs in numbers on the ramifications

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One can only guess how gases and liquids flow in the pipes, i.e. where it is thick and where it is empty.
To make it possible to check the box to look at liquids and gases (only for them) the need of all consumers on the ramifications in numbers, as shown in the picture. As a variation in immediately showing the need for buildings in big digits.
Tanks, pipes, liquid dumps are not included in the calculation. Show XX/YY, where XX is the maximum possible receipt, and YY is exactly connected (and working) consumers. This will help quickly to highlight the problem part and highlight it in red, for example.
To do this, switch the pipes to the Rengen vision (you can use the textures of the layout mode). You could also show where the substance is located inside with a soft backlight.
If you need two or more types at the same time, write two lines and icons.
In general, I wrote an approximate idea, I'm sure you can improve it if you undertake to make this vital tool.

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Comments: 0