arms race mode

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I really like your game for its industrial aspect, construction management, and organization. I didn't have much trouble getting the hang of it, but apart from starting over, I find that it lacks challenges and long-term goals. At first, I thought about economic challenges, like in games such as Risk, Conquest, or Capital, where there's a trading, stock market, political mode, where the challenge often lies in being the wealthiest... But with your technical approach, I suggest a arms race mode, which is in vogue, where challengers could make a difference with tactical weapons, more or less powerful missiles, more or less armed and efficient military vehicles, not to mention the navy, drones, or other technologies where electronics and energy could make the difference. The challenge could be about hiring specialists, the quantity or quality of weapons, deterrence against other opponents or at bot levels. So, I hope I've been clear; this is somewhat what's missing in your game for me to

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Comments: 0